Clarity – Lack of clarity is one of the biggest issues that can derail a project. We can work with you to find out what are the actual problems and opportunities, what are the benefits, how are these to be measured etc?

Unity – Once we have clarity we need to ensure that the sponsor, key stakeholders and others are united behind the project. We work with the sponsor to ensure there is the right level of governance and change management in place.

Agility – Now that we have clarity and unity what are the tools needed to realise the benefits for the costs or investment. See tools that we commonly use.

Delivery – This is where we use our experience to start to deliver the benefits. How we go about this will depend on the best way to implement the appropriate methodology. Understanding your business culture is critical to determining the best way use the methodology. Whilst we use industry standard methodologies every organisation has a different culture and we need to take that into consideration.

Value and Benefits – We need to ensure that we are adding value and you are realising benefits. The benefits may be realised at any time but typically long after the project has been completed. A good solid business case lasts much longer than the actual project and is considered complete when the benefits have all been realised.