Business Improvement

We use a combination of approaches, including all aspects of the Lean discipline and process mapping, to deliver improvements and benefits to businesses


The Lean methodology relies on three very simple ideas

  • deliver value and benefits from your customer’s perspective
  • eliminate waste and inefficiencies (things that don’t bring value to the end product)
  • adopt a culture of continuous improvement

Process Mapping

Process improvement involves the practice of identifying, analysing and improving existing business processes.

The standard approach is to capture:

  • Current State – As Is
  • Future State(s) – Could Be
  • Target State – To Be

We use a combination of tools and methodologies to improve processes including:

  • SIPOC including metrics
  • BPMN
  • Lean
  • APQC

Improvements and Benefits

What gets measured, gets managed – benefits need to be measured.

Financial benefits are the most commonly used measures for assessing benefits. However, there are also many non-financial benefits that can be measured or assessed.

It is essential to align actual benefits with improvements.