Change Management

 To be successful, any organisational change must first be fully defined and understood. To do this we use the Elements of Change methodology.

This clarity helps to engage the stakeholders necessary to make the change, and ensure that expectations are fully aligned.

We can guide your organisation through the change management process using the following steps.


A problem/opportunity or dissatisfaction – is there a problem that you are trying to solve or an opportunity? Or, are people dissatisfied with the current situation?


The vision or story (the why) – what does the future look like and do people agree with that future? This includes goals, objectives – we are here (current) and want to get to their (future).


A well thought about process to implement – explaining clearly to people how the change will be implemented. This is change management methodologies like ADKAR are used.

Elements of Change

Elements of change management


Communications and Sponsor Activities
  • Clearly communicate the reason for the change to all stakeholders
  • Ensuring the business sponsor is driving change and change vision
  • Creating change stories for each stakeholder group


Resistance and Sponsor Activities
  • Ensuring there are definable benefits
  • Addressing the “Whats In It For Me” question where required
  • Addressing the stages of concern a person will go through


  • Aligning training to a person’s Learning Style
  • Ensuring line managers support their staff through their training

Training and Support

  • Provide support forums
  • Assess staff skill and knowledge
  • Measure the benefits
  • Manage individual performances, if required


  • Measure Usage and Adoption
  • Address individual issues and provide additional support and training if required