Investment Management (Business Cases)

Our approach to investment management or in most cases developing a Business Case is to apply simple, common-sense ideas and practices that help organisations to direct their resources and achieve the best outcomes from their investments.

In summary, the our process takes an organisation down an investment journey by finding out

  • What is the actual problem
  • What is the evidence that the problem exists
  • What are the benefits of solving the problem
  • How are the benefits going to be measured
  • What are the interventions to address the problem
  • What is the best option (combination of interventions)
  • If the solution be delivered within the time and budget constraints

To depict the investment journey an Investment Logic Map is used.  The four elements of the investment story are the

  1. Problem
  2. Benefit
  3. Response
  4. Solution


Some examples that we have developed investment management business cases for include:

  • Commercialisation and Investment Management (Business Case) Frameworks to manage a $240 million capital budget (TechnologyOne, Sharepoint).
  • Business Case Framework for ASX 200 listed company – $120 million capital budget.
  • Development of business cases for:
    • Human Resources Information Systems.
    • Field Works Management Systems.
    • Business Improvement Programme of Works.
    • Asset Management System Upgrades.
    • Digital Transformation for local Council