So what methodologies do we use to solve problems?

We like to consider the methodologies like a tool kit.

First we work out which ones to use to solve the problem and deliver benefits.

Any tool needs to be fit for purpose for the problem and your organisation.

Some of the common methodologies we use are:

Business/Process Improvement

  • Lean to work out where and how to add value and deliver benefits
  • DMAIC for improving processes
  • BPMN to document processes

Strategy and Planning

  • Defining your Business Purpose by developing Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives
  • Business / IT Alignment to ensure your technology is aligned with your business
  • Business Mapping to take advantage of your strengths and reduce the impact of weaknesses
  • Initiative roadmaps where projects are ranked, prioritised and scheduled to ensure efforts are directed at areas of greatest benefit with the available resources

Project Management

  • Agile to help your people to move quickly and easily through the disruption
  • PMBoK for project management

Change Management

  • ADKAR for change management – it is all about increasing use and adoption
  • RACI to provide clarity on roles and responsibilities

Management Consulting

  • Investment Management¬† to ensure your investment stacks up and can deliver benefits for the investment required
  • Non-Financial Benefit / Effort analysis