We have a unique blend of consulting services, expertise and experience to implement projects and deliver benefits

How we deliver services

We spend time understanding the problem/opportunity

Align methodologies to your culture

Focus on delivering benefits

Provide independent and rigorous advice

Use our 30+ years of experience

Project Management

Project Management is a mixture of science and art.

Getting the right balance is based on years of experience and an thorough understanding of best practice and methodologies to determine the most promising approach and mix of Waterfall and Agile.

Regardless of the type of methodology a robust plan is essential for successful project delivery. Project teams must be careful not to lose sight of the original core need and benefits that their project is intended to deliver.

Change Management

Using ADKAR methodology to engage stakeholders to deliver change and increase usage and adoption.

To be successful, any organisational change must first be fully defined and understood. To do this we use the Elements of Change methodology. This clarity helps to engage the stakeholders necessary to make the change, and ensure that expectations are fully aligned.

Business Cases

Our approach to investment management, or Business Case, is to apply simple, common-sense ideas and practices that help organisations to direct their resources and achieve the best outcomes from their investments.

In summary, the process takes an organisation down an investment journey by finding out:

What is the actual problem?

What is the evidence that the problem exists?

What are the benefits of solving the problem?

How are the benefits going to be measured?

What are the interventions to address the problem?

What is the best option (combination of interventions)?

Can the solution be delivered within the time and budget constraints?

Business & Process Improvement

We use a combination of approaches, including all aspects of the Lean discipline and process mapping, to deliver improvements and benefits to businesses.

Financial benefits are the most commonly used measures for assessing benefits. However, there are also many non-financial benefits that can be measured or assessed.

It is essential to align actual benefits with improvements.

Strategy Planning

Strategic Planning is a process to ensure that Information Systems are positioned to support your organisation’s corporate objectives through the alignment of business objectives to initiatives and projects.

Strategy is about decision making and choices. There are many Strategic Frameworks that can be used. Selecting the right one is the challenge.

The Plan is how to get there, which includes the initiatives, projects etc.

Benefits Realisation

The purpose of doing a project is to deliver benefits.

The benefits (financial and non-financial) should outweigh the cost and effort expended.

Equal Bytes use the DMAIC method. While traditionally used to measure and improve processes, it can also be used to measure benefits.

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