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Cyber Security Strategy

The importance of a cyber security strategy in business has been made apparent in recent times, with a global increase in ransomware attacks of 170% and increasing severity of these attacks. Most notably, the recent Optus breach has shed light on the dangers of cyber-attacks and how devastating they can be.

In Australia, The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) reported that in 2020-2021:

  • A cybercrime is reported every 8 minutes
  • There was a 13% increase in incidents
  • Australian businesses and individuals lost more than $33 billion
  • Queensland and Victoria accounted for 60% of cybercrime reports

For government councils, having a robust cyber security strategy is now a must have. Statistics show that some councils do not have the internal resources to properly manage cyber security, with 28% reporting that they have no dedicated resources for cyber security management. Councils need to create a business plan and strategy to ensure business digital literacy and employee engagement in proper cyber security, reducing the risk of devastating cyber-attack.

Working from home has also attributed to increased vulnerability for businesses and governments, with networks being expanded to accommodate for remote work capabilities. Because of this it is more important than ever to ensure that steps are taken to improve cyber security.

The following are some changes that can be made to improve cyber versatility.

Ensure your staff have been educated to spot cyber security red flags such as fake domain names, spelling mistakes, generic emails etc. Provide regular training for digital literacy and cyber security awareness

Increase user password strength and increase variation of passwords, not overly repeating passwords for multiple accounts. Consider using multifactor authentication such as requiring more than just a password for user identification.

Ensure that approved connections and devices are used, especially important when working from home. This includes smartphones which can be overlooked. Install security apps, especially when connected to public networks.

Update software regularly, use strong virus protection and ensure data is properly secured, including encryption, and backing up. Consider seeking professional assistance for software suggestions and implementation.

Considering the Optus Breach, think about what data you need to keep stored. Data types, such as personal data or financial data, that is not necessary to store, may not only be used against you following a cyber-attack but also may increase the risk of being targeted initially.

Equal Bytes can provide coaching, planning and strategy services to provide your business with the direction and plan to improve cyber security and bring your business up to date in a rapidly moving digital world. For more information contact us at:

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