Creating a compelling Business Case

A good business case tells a story of a problem that needs solving and the benefits that can be delivered. 

Isn’t that what we’re out to accomplish when we pitch a new business case to the decision makers in our company?

Have you ever been in front of a steering group and struggling to get traction with your business case?

Your business case story needs to appeal to different people, should be compelling and convincing no matter who your audience is.

So how do you start?  In this article we discuss the basis of the story, which we recommend including:

  • What is the actual problem?
  • What is the evidence that the problem exists?
  • What are the benefits of solving the problem and do we need to solve it now?
  • How are the benefits going to be measured?
  • What are the interventions to address the problem?
  • What is the best option (combination of interventions)?
  • Can the solution be delivered within the time and budget constraints?

These come together to create a very powerful story.

The Investment Management Framework (or sometimes called a Business Case Framework) is designed do exactly this by taking people down a line or enquiry

The Framework is a powerful model that asks very simple questions. It is designed to change thinking and takes you through a process to understand the problem, the options to solve the problem and how to realise the benefits.

The following is a summary of the Framework.

For more information or a discussion please contact Equal Bytes.

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