Implement the Project

Implementing is more than just running a project it is continually examining that the project will solve the problem and deliver the benefits.

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What will it do for you?

Too often projects proceed without the careful examination required to ensure they will address the problem and deliver the benefits for the costs required.

Sometimes the scope changes, additional costs are required, timeframe blow out etc.

There is the tendency for project sponsors to continue with a project in the hope that things will come good.

During implementation it is critical to examine if the project is on course. When the project has been delivered it is way too late to change and the project may be rejected by management.

This can also occur if the problem and benefits have not been defined and the project team are unaware of what they are trying to solve.

They have delivered the project, on-time and budget but your organisation is no better off.

During a project, gateway reviews are required to ensure the project is on course and adjust things if necessary.

The review examines the benefits and costs and provides advice to the project sponsor on any changes required.

You can be confident that the project will solve the problem and deliver the benefits. 

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