Have the project options been specified clearly, including key risks, assumptions, constraints and dependencies?

Consistent with the preferred strategic option, has a reasonable spread of project options been analysed?

Is the recommended project solution the best value for money way to respond to the problem and deliver the expected benefits?

Is the procurement strategy the most appropriate for this investment and attractive to the market?

This workshop ensures that attendees develop a solution that is consistent with the foundations established in previous workshops. This workshop will:

• confirm the preferred response (following cost and timeframe assessment) and the interventions it contains;

• identify and evaluate the changes and assets that are required to implement the preferred response and deliver the benefits;

• define a recommended solution for the expected future state;

• confirm the circumstances (change in condition or an event) where the preferred response may be inadequate or inappropriate, and the triggers requiring a change in response;

• identify cost range, timeframe for project and benefit delivery, key risks and uncertainties, dis-benefits and critical interdependencies associated with the recommended solution; and

• consider any policy levers and policies that may impact this solution and identify any action or areas to investigate further as the project progresses.