System Replacements or Upgrades

Project managing system replacements or upgrades

Developing Business Cases

Developing simple, common-sense business cases to deliver benefits for the investment made

Improving Businesses

Using Lean to identify and deliver improvements

Developing Strategic plans

Developing Plans to ensure IT to is positioned to support Business Strategy

Our Services
Putting it all together

About us

We are an small independent consulting organisation

Equal Bytes has been helping organisations for over 30 years to deliver benefits.

Our logo typifies our approach of working with our customers and developing a robust partnership so that we all have an equal stake in success.

We find that partnerships are the best way to solve problems by creating an environment where we all strive for success.

A few things we’re great at

Using a balance of Agile and Waterfall to determine the best way to deliver the project

To do this, we look at your culture and business capability to determine the best mix

Using ADKAR methodology to engage stakeholders to deliver change and increase usage and adoption

Using an evidence based methodology to support the case for change

Using all the aspects of Lean to deliver sustainable improvements

Providing mentoring and coaching services

Using standard business strategy methodologies to ensure that information systems are positioned to support and are aligned with business objectives and appropriate plans

Ensuring that financial and non-financial benefits are being tracked, measured and delivered

The Secret of Success –

We believe that success and hard work go together.

We also believe that the following are key ingredients to being successful.

Adding Value

Adding value is just as important as delivering a project.

Success is when our customers say “I am glad they are on our team as they added so much extra value


Projects may start out with a clear vision, goals etc.  But things change.

Success is knowing when to change and being agile enough to change


A customer’s culture defines the way they work.

Understanding our customer’s culture is critical to success so we can align the way they work with our methodologies

Delivering Benefits

The reason why we make changes is to improve what we are doing now and to deliver benefits for the investment involved.

Success is delivering sustainable benefits.

Victorian Government
  • eServcies Provider
  • Department of Treasury and Finance

Professional Advisory Services Panel

Commonwealth Government
  • Digital Marketplace
Supporting Food Relief in the Yarra Ranges