Business Case Framework

Project Prioritisation, Portfolio Management, Investment Framework

Understanding and managing organisation resources is a crucial part of business success. Using Investment Management Standards, Equal Bytes can help you decide and manage your next successful project investments, ensuring your business has a defined business success strategy.

Small Business Mentoring

Business Survival, Digital Literacy and Engagement, Market Diversification, Business Models, Business Planning

We understand the challenges that small businesses face. We have guided many small businesses to success with mentoring, advice and planning. We provide Small Business Mentoring Melbourne, Brisbane and Australia wide.

Project Mentoring

Mentoring, Coaching, Advice and Support

Equal Bytes along with Project Mentors, provides mentoring that can guide your business to project success. This includes project advice, mentoring, coaching and training for individuals or groups on specific parts of a project or across many focus areas.

Change Management & Benefits Realisation

Defining Problems, Opportunity, Benefits, Options Analysis, Investment Logic Maps

Equal Bytes provides consulting services to assist you with business cases and change management. We can guide your organisation through the process using the ADKAR change process in conjuction with various tools we have developed over the years to implement the change

How we deliver services

We spend time understanding the problem/opportunity

Align methodologies to your culture

Focus on delivering benefits

Provide independent and rigorous advice

Use our 30+ years of experience

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