Small Business Mentoring

Get small business advice and mentoring to help with business improvement. Our advice is based on 30 years of experience over a variety of sectors and focus areas such as business survival, business development, digital literacy and engagement, market diversification, business models and how to write a business plan

Small Business Mentoring is about increasing your skill and understanding

If all the successful business owners and elite athletes understand the many benefits of Mentoring or a Coach, why is it that most business owners struggle by themselves?

The truth is all of us require help and assistance, instruction and guidance as we journey towards success. Particularly as we go through the process of developing and implementing new (to us) business skills.

Would-be successful business owners need assistance from others who have an intimate knowledge of how business works. Many small business owners try to get that information from business books and classes. While these can be helpful on their own, they are more helpful alongside business mentoring. In a business mentoring relationship, a seasoned business owner meets with a new or potential business owner one-on-one to give advice and boost morale.

“Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will”

How the Mentoring works

For the mentor, the first step is to understand your business: What your business needs, the culture and current issues. 

This is on-line or face-to-face. Following that conversation, we will put forward a plan to assist you and to help increase your knowledge.

We have been providing mentoring services to some organisations for many months, whilst some just need a helping hand for a while. 

After each session we will also provide you with a short Meeting Summary to help keep you on track and outline the Actions that need to be taken.

Some key benefits of business mentoring include:

·       Exposure to new ideas and ways of thinking

·       Advice on developing strengths and overcoming weaknesses

·       Guidance on professional development and advancement

·       Increased visibility and recognition within the company

·       The opportunity to develop new skills and knowledge